To meet our contribution to society by means of fog, we have advanced and specialized our fog engineering in response to current issues and requests from partnering industries. Today the field of fog utilization is not limited to Japan, but is spreading across borders into other countries and markets.
In order to effectively respond to global needs we are establishing subsidiary offices and accelerating the movement towards our own global network.

  • In Europe
    01In Europe

    We provide engineering for a wide variety of production processes, ranging from automo tive and agriculture to steelmaking, heavy industries, environmental conservation, and electronic devices supporting the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • In the US
    02In the US

    We provide engineering support for manufacturing processes, ranging from key industries such as power generation, steelm aking, and car manufacturing, to advanced technolo gies for the semiconductor manufacturing, data centers, and aerospace manufacturing.

  • In the Middle East
    03In the Middle East

    We are engaged in the installation of cooling systems that use non-wetting fog to improve heat-extreme working environments, as well as fog cultivation systems that enable crops to grow with less water than with conventional systems.

  • In Asia
    04In Asia

    We are engaged in current, cutting-edge technological innovations required to sustain a continuously growing industrial production, various production processes, and quality, as well as to maintain and improve the working environment, atmosphere, and water quality.

We can support customers in their local language as well as Japanese, so that Japanese employees working abroad in international offices can contact us there without reservation. We also have distributors and agents in Korea, South-East Asia, and other specific countries. Please feel free to contact them or us.